It is your workhorse, your science lab, your gathering place, and your refuge. No room in your home gets more abuse and more celebration than your kitchen. It is one of the first things home buyers look at with a critical eye. And when it’s remodeled properly, it is the room you will enjoy like no other.

There is no doubt that a remodeled kitchen will add great value to your home but the thought of handing over this high-traffic area to a remodeler paralyzes most homeowners. Some people take years before actually getting started.

Don’t waste years procrastinating. Think instead of the years of memory making, cookie baking, and entertaining that a beautifully remodeled kitchen can give you. At Moffat Construction, we make the process and painless as possible.

The Heart of a Home

Experience is what sets Moffit Construction apart. We have worked on a range of kitchen remodels and upgrades and we will work with you to put together a strategy that will reflect your style and budget. You may simply need a partial remodel, or you may need to tear it all down and start from scratch. We can accommodate either approach.

Whichever path you take on your road to kitchen revisioning, we will make sure you get high-quality craftmanship, stellar design guidance, and a gorgeous kitchen that you will be proud to show off at your next family gathering.


Get Quoted!

    William Babuschak

    After Sandy flooded our shore house there were a lot of things to be decided. One decision which was easy was selecting Moffat Construction for the rebuilding project. Steve and his team had done an addition to our primary home 8 years prior and the anticipation of getting our shore house up to the same level of quality was a great outcome from a bad situation.

    Margaret Wislar

    I had Moffat Construction replace my entire roof, windows and build a custom composite deck and paint the whole exterior of my house. They do excellent work. The workers were very nice and professional. Everything was completed in a timely manner. They do quality work and I couldn’t be happier.

    The Dittmer family

    “Moffat Construction has always provided outstanding and prompt service” We are so happy with the new house and pool house that they built for us. Their broad range of construction knowledge was needed and offered us a one-stop shop that really made the whole project easy. We were amazed at how quickly it all came together.